Fitpole Original



FITPOLE Original is one of the best poles for home use.

FITPOLE Original is a pole made of two parts which are assembled between the ceiling and floor. The pole is made of steel and the white surface is a special coating made to last and also ensure a perfect grip.  Because of the adjustable assembling mechanism, the pole is easy to assemble and take down. Because it is made of two separate parts, the pole is also easy to transport.

The outer diameter is either 42mm or 48mm. The pole has a 25 cm adjustability which means can be used in a ceiling height of   240cm – 265 cm korkeassa huonetilassa. Color of the pole is white. There is a one year guarantee for the product (excluding the painted surface).

Price: 345€ + delivery costs

Toimitusaika: 2-4 weeks