Gymi Furniture Loft

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The loft bed is part of the Gymi Furniture bed family. The ends of the bed are wallbars. Different elements of the Gymi Furniture series can be assembled to fit the wallbar ends as well as the ladders on the side of the bed.

Like all of the Gymi Furniture wallbars, the wallbars of the loft have a good sequence of the bars and together with the round bar they make the wallbars easy and safe to use for all kinds of play and training.

The loft is very stable. The bed base is slatted hence very breathable . An 80 cm wide and 200 cm long matress fits the bed.

The bed is made of solid birch.  Color: birch (white varnished to prevent color change).

Outer measures of the loft bed:

  • width ca 86 cm (the ladders add on to this measure ca 11 cm)
  • length ca 230 cm
  • height at the wallbar ends ca 200 cm

All Gymi Furniture products are made according to EU Standards and are non-toxic (M1).

Price: 1499€ + delivery costs

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